What if there were a way girls and boys could learn how to “fly” on the back of a horse? There is! Equestrian Vaulting is a unique sport that combines dance and gymnastic on the back of a moving horse. Our Equestrian Vaulting program is a year-round program that connects children with horses and each other in a positive and powerful way. Our team is involved in year-round fundraising events and performances, which allow us the opportunity to travel to competitions and events in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.

Many parents have told us of the incredible changes they have witnessed in their children after joining our Vaulting team. Vaulting helps individuals gain self-expression, self-confidence, and relationship skills as they learn to trust the horse and each other while working on physical skills and routines. Vaulting also offers a joyful and inspirational environment that helps each person become the best version of themselves.

If you are interested in your child becoming part of a positive horse activity, consider checking out Equestrian Vaulting. We always love new members to our team.