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We believe strongly that horses and other animals have a protective power in the lives of youth. It is important to us to provide a place where children can learn about and interact with horses in a beneficial environment. Through partnership with Grand Junction Parks and Recreation, we offer programs at an affordable cost to regular children in the community, to make sure the opportunity to learn and grow from horses is available to all.

In 2016 we were able to connect over 80 boys and girls to the power of horses through these programs, which are made possible through the help of multiple volunteers and sponsorships through local businesses. Your continued support helps us ensure that every child has the opportunity to know themselves through the eyes of a horse.

The following are some of our key programs, offered in the Spring, Summer, and Fall:

  • Girls with Horse Power! Sponsored by Bank of Colorado
    • This program gives girls 10 and up the opportunity to practice leadership skills, self confidence, and self esteem through interaction with horses.
  • I Love Horses! Club—Please contact us to sponsor
    • In this small group setting we work with young children to build horsemanship skills, empathy, and confidence by working with Miniature horses.
  • Harmony Horsemanship—Please contact us to sponsor
    • In a small group setting, girls and boys learn horsemanship skills and horse training which help them uncover inner strength, confidence and goal setting
  • We also offer some summer camp programs and groups.

If you are a parent wanting to get your children connected with horses, please contact us, or keep a close eye on the Grand Junction Parks and Rec Guide.