Harmony Acres would like to thank the following sponsors of our veterans program:

Our Equine Therapy program for Veterans has evolved out of veterans showing up at our door-step, pleading for us to offer this form of therapy to them and their community. Veterans innately recognize the hope and the healing that horses to have to offer them.

Equine Therapy is particularly powerful modality for veterans. It is offered in a safe, outdoor environment instead of the confines of an office; it incorporates the relationship with a non-judgemental animal; and it allows recovery from trauma without forcing veterans to re-experience traumatic events. Considering the high rates of suicide, hospitalization, and family break-ups that veterans are facing, we believe it is crucial to offer a form of therapy to veterans that actually works for them.

We are proud to work with multiple veterans in our programming and have many veterans serving as volunteers at our facility. Our goal is to be able to offer our services to veterans free of charge. If you are a veteran who might benefit from Equine Therapy, please contact us. If you would like to donate to our veterans programming, please click the link below. We need continued support from the community in order to be able to continue to serve veterans in the manner that they deserve.

Thank you United Company for you generous grant in 2016, allowing us to work in conjunction with the Grand Junction Vet Center to offer an Equine Therapy group for Veterans. Our goal this year is to raise at least $3500 to go towards our veterans programming. Please let us know if you can help.