Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community-based equestrian center where every individual can be offered the opportunity to connect with horses or other animals in a therapeutic environment. We believe horses can help bring out the best in everyone, and help us connect with our natural joy, strength, and purpose.

We are excited to have the following individuals on our team:


Christina Douglass, LCSW, has been working in the field of equine therapy for over ten years now and has witnessed firsthand the miracles that can occur when horses are part of the therapy process. She has focused much of her training and education in learning how to help individuals who have experienced severe trauma, sexual abuse, or are diagnosed with PTSD. In addition to her therapeutic background, Christy has an undergraduate degree in equestrian science and is skilled in horse training, riding and equestrian vaulting. Christy coaches our vaulting team, Grand Valley Vaulting Harmony, which currently has over 25 members. Christy's unique background and experiences give her the combination of skills needed to help make Harmony Acres a safe and joyful place for horses and horse-loving humans alike.

Morgan Kareus is a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. Her horse background began at the racetrack and led her to find a career working with horses. She went to college in Arizona, and graduated with a BS in Biology. Morgan volunteered for many equine assisted therapy programs, and in March of 2013, was accepted into the PATH Approved Training Course at Equest in Wylie Texas, where she  received her certification.
Her goal as a therapeutic riding instructor for Harmony Acres is to enhance peoples lives through their connections with horses. Morgan works very hard to teach to each person's skill level and to help each rider gain strength, achieve their goals, and of course, have fun!

Trey Stepp is an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning) Certified Equine Specialist that has had a passion for horses since before elementary school. In her early years, she enjoyed trail riding and participating in play-days at the local rodeo arena near her home in Central Texas. She has worked on a ranch in Texas and has volunteered at a Horse Sanctuary that offered a variety of equine assisted therapy programs. Moving to Colorado in 2009, she brought her love of horses and her experience in the mental health field as a Mental Health Aide with her. Trish is
dedicated to keeping the horses happy and healthy while assisting in the therapy programs offered at Harmony Acres Equestrian Center.

Nikki Goodenough, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She obtained her Graduate Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Norwich, Vermont and passed the National Board of Certified Counselors. Her experience spans more than 20 years, and she has loved horses all of her life. Over the years she has worked with Families, Children, Teens and Adults, including Military Veterans and their families. Throughout her life she experienced and witnessed the positive changes that can occur in humans through their interactions with horses and it was her dream to bring horses into the emotional healing process of humans. So in 2012 she obtained her first Certification as an Equine Assisted Therapist and has continued her education and training ever since.