Thank you to the Grand  Junction Kiwanis Club for their sponsorship of our therapy programs for children.

Therapeutic Riding offers individuals with disabilities the opportunity to benefit from a riding relationship with a horse. Therapeutic riding sessions are lead by a PATH certified instructor who specializes in creating treatment plans that are customed to the riders needs. We also utilize a team of volunteers to provide safety and support during the session. The movement of the horse provides physical benefits that cannot be mimicked by other means, while the relationship with the horse and team creates inspiration and support for individuals who have been isolated or struggling. Many times therapeutic riding can offer the catalyst needed for individuals to make new growth or leaps in their lives.

Riding and interacting with the horse can help the brain and body to build new neurologic pathways, connections, and strength that benefit both physically and mentally. We work with individuals with a wide array of challenges, including cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities, and profoundly disabled.

Therapeutic riding is not covered by insurance, and we rely on grants and other funding to keep our programs affordable to those in need in our community. Thank you to the Kiwanis club for their generous scholarship two years in a row that has supported children with autism in receiving the benefits of Therapeutic Riding.